Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review - The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

WOW! Where have I been all these years? That's right, I'm actually really glad to have waited this long. I can't stand the couple month-long wait I have for a book that's already finished let alone a couple years.

Reading other books right now, I honestly feel like I need to get back to The Name of the Wind [US] [UK] ... because it's not finished yet. Everything is stale in comparison because I'm still right in the middle. What's Ambrose going to do next and how's Kvothe going to get back at him, what about Denna or Kvothe's poor money-managing skills? I'm dying to know and I only have to wait a little longer (fingers crossed that Amazon sends my copy of Wise Man's Fear [US] [UK] out early like it's seems to be doing a lot lately).

Now, The Name of the Wind isn't something you just plow through. It's not just some McDonald's you picked up to satiate the appetite.

You have to saver it, like a fine wine or my favorite, a delectable piece of Lindt chocolate. It won't blow you away right away, it takes it's time and builds your relationship with the characters until pretty soon, you're best friends.

Rothfuss follows an interesting construction with his debut novel. He tells a story within a story, which of course I have to compare to Inception - as I do with everything since I saw that movie (most recently it's been Hearsay in my Evidence class).

You will let me know when I go overboard on the pictures, will you? :)

Kvothe is a legend in the making. His life's been a constant rollercoaster and now he's finally going to sit down and tell it. The entire thing. And this is day one. In The Name of the Wind, we go from tragedy, to life on the streets, to life at the University, slowly introducing the great characters that have surrounded Kvothe throughout his life, including his love interest.

Why Should You Read The Name of the Wind?

As you can tell from this glowing review, I would whole-heartedly recommend The Name of the Wind. It's not fast paced, but it is well-paced and I was blown away by the end. I can tell why people have been so mad at Rothfuss the past couple years and I'm excited to jump into Day Two...and then wait a couple years for book three. Doh!

5 out of 5 Stars


  1. An awesome review of an awesome book.
    You did a great job.

    As I don't buy hardcover I have to wait for my paperback copy of The Wise Man's Fear until September 2011.

  2. On the one hand I can't believe you are only just reading The Name of the Wind now, on think it was probably a good decision on your part to hold off. I've been waiting impatiently for the sequel for over a year now, and I don't even really remember anymore what the story is, so I'm going to have to find time to reread it. And then I'll have to wait several more years for the third book...*sigh*

  3. You went overboard on the pictures. The No McDonald's one is offensive to me, plus I hate wine and chocolate!

    But yeah, good book.

  4. Oh I loved this book when I read it. And it was great like getting two books in one. :) But this is a trilogy, so we will have to wait for book three to come out.

    So glad you enjoyed this one!

  5. I just finished this one recently too. My review will be up tomorrow. I thought it was pretty awesome, and it is nice to not have to wait years for the next installment like many others!

  6. @Edi - Thanks, I really enjoyed it. That's probably good that you'll still be waiting since we're all going to be waiting again very soon. :)

    @Simcha - I know, I wonder. I keep hoping that he's got this down a bit better this time.

    @Chris - Yeah, I don't even drink wine, but I thought it applied too well to leave off. Mmmm, Swiss Chocolate's so good though. :)

    @Melissa - Can't wait for the rest of the story. It's definitely worth the wait.

    @Ryan - So true. I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

  7. Excellent review - sounds like I need to read me some Rothfuss!

  8. Thanks Mark, and if this is the same Mark Lawrence of Prince of Thorns fame, I'm very much looking forward to it. Already in my Amazon cart in fact. :)


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