Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why I Read Fantasy? or A Defense of Fantasy

Just posted my reasons for reading fantasy over at Only the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Stop by and tell me what you think, what keeps you coming back to Fantasy and Science Fiction?


  1. I think for me the reason I like SF is the same reason I'm attracted to mythology and symbolism. It's the archetypal forms that pervade speculative fiction, which speak to me. I guess this is another way of saying what Stephen Deas said. It's the whole Joseph Campbell/Carl Jung thing, and yeah it's imagination.

  2. Nice article, Bryce. For me, I think it's always been that when I read Fantasy I get these incredible stories that can only happen when the author is allowed to completely release their imagination. There are so many different types of the 2 genres now that it's almost impossible to not find something that interests you.

  3. @Jason - Good point, I love mythology and symbolism and if I would have thought a little more I think I would have added that. :) Growing up, I saw the Toys R Us commercials and I thought, yeah, I don't wanna grow up and I think fantasy is me doing just that.

    @Elfy - Thanks. :) Very true, genre is allowed to be more diverse. Another thing I should've added.


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