Wednesday, February 3, 2010


No, we haven't had the baby yet... :)

The news is out over at Only the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy and I thought I'd make an announcement. I've been asked by Alec and Michael to hold a weekly spot over at their blog, providing reviews and commentary on the latest in genre news. They just put up an interview as a means of introduction if you want to check that out here.

Thanks to everyone for their support of The Stamp! This has been a really fun opportunity for me to share one of the things I love and I'm excited to share it at Only the Best as well.


  1. Congratulation, this is great news!

  2. Hey, congrats again (commented over at OtB).

  3. Hey thanks guys. I'll probably get the boot after a week or two...after they finally see what they signed up for. :D

  4. Excellent news, Bryce! I'll follow your reviews with interest. Hope to have a new one up myself sometime over the weekend.

  5. Hey thanks everyone, you're too kind. :)

    Isn't the blogging world such a great place?


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