Monday, February 1, 2010

The Crown Conspiracy

I've been extremely interested in reading The Crown Conspiracy by Michael J. Sullivan, especially with all the blog love it's been getting lately (here, here, here, and here). I've looked for it everywhere and to my chagrin (although it's a great thing), I'm completely late on the uptake because it's sold out of it's first printing. Obviously this only means it will be hard to get a copy for a little while (but I want it now!).

Lucky for Fantasy Book News and Reviews and Susan Parker who directed me to a couple places (see comments to this link) where this book can still be found, most notably the author's website. These will actually be signed and even dedicated to you in addition to a discount. Can't get better than that!

So, if you were searching for this like I was, have no fear, it's still out there.


  1. I do hope you enjoy this one when you get it. I have read the first two books and just tonight finished the third one. I will be posting a review on it here this evening.

  2. Oh sweet. They just seem so good from everything I've read. I can't wait to check that out.

  3. Mine is somewhere in my TBR pile... *searching*

  4. Haha, good work getting it before it sold out. I decided to make myself wait so I can finish the 3 books I've already started. :)


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