Sunday, February 7, 2010

Map of Elan (The Riyria Revelations)

I recently started reading The Crown Conspiracy [US] [UK] and I have to say I'm already a fan. I was tooling around the author's website and noticed they have a list of all the reviews from the blogosphere (of which there are tons) along with a great map of the world of Elan.

Below is just a preview, but if you go to the author's site here, you can actually see much more and even zoom in a bit.

My copy (ebook) didn't have one, so I thought more people might want to see this.


  1. Interesting. I like when the author give more info on their websites.


  2. I was really happy to find this. :)


  3. The actual book has that map, but is not in color. I see the color one for the first time and it is a cool sight.

  4. I am glad you are really enjoying this book. I liked how there is a story that is there from start to finish. Yet the book left me with thoughts on what was going on underneath. I had questions, but they were the questions that you don't HAVE to have answered to have a great book but are great to keep you wanting more.

    Are you planning on getting to books 2 & 3 soon too? I would like to bounce some ideas and thoughts off someone on the plots and ideas of the books.


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