Monday, January 18, 2010

Some Recent Reviews

I just wanted to point out a couple reviews of some books I've been interested in.

The Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman. This book's been getting a lot of buzz lately and the more I hear, the more I like.

The Gone Away World by Nick Harkaway. Ever since I heard this book has a combination of mimes and ninjas in a believable scene, I've had this on my To-Buy list.

The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert Redick. Another book that's been getting lots of good reviews and which I'm really excited to read.

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. I loved the book when I first read this a number of years ago and here's another look at the classic.

From Peter's Ubiquitous-Absence:

Elfsorrow by James Barclay. I own Dawntheif, which is the first in the Chronicles of the Raven and Elfsorrow is a little further down the line in the series. Looks good.

The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolf. This series is considered one of the best out there and Peter seems to agree.

From Mark's Walker of Worlds:

Cosmopath by Eric Brown. This is the last in the Bengal Station Trilogy and I can't help but be interested in a series Mark gives two 9/10's and a 10/10.

From Ken's Neth Space:

Sleepless by Charlie Huston. Again, I'm always intrigued when someone gives a book a 9/10, but Ken mentions that it breaks genre barriers and I'm even more intrigued.


  1. I have been curious of the books by James Barclay. I am not sure about them. I just cant decide by the short synopsis on the back of the books and the brief reviews I have read don't convince me either way. Do you have a review of the first book here? I will have to look around and see what you have said.

    Looks like a great list you have here.

  2. It's funny that those are the most recent reviews from those bloggers and books I've been really looking at buying.

    I haven't reviewed Dawntheif, but I know Peter has at ubiquitous absence ( Hope that helps.


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