Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Republic of Thieves is Possibly Complete!

I mentioned in a post not too long ago that I absolutely loved Scott Lynch's Lies of Locke Lamora and now we have some good news from The Wertzone and Suvudu's Shawn Speakman.

Scott Lynch has been rumored to have finished the manuscript for The Republic of Thieves and the editors are awaiting it any moment now. The date for publication has now been set for January 2011 although it's not set in stone.

I have yet to read Red Skies over Red Seas but it's on the bookshelf and ready to go since I was waiting for the next installment to be ready. I guess it's time.


  1. this one has a lovely over! i love that purple!! :)

  2. I completely agree. I also like the Red Skies over Red Seas cover. You can never go wrong with ships in my book. :)

  3. I love this series and have been looking forward to both this one and The Bastards and the Knives. I can only hope that if this rumor is true--there is a chance that it might not be--and the book is completed and edited, then the release day will be changed to something... a bit sooner than the beginning of next year. That release date is just cruel if the book is ready to go.

  4. Especially after such a long wait, I really hope they just crank it out this year too. Also, the Bastards and the Knives looks awesome. I'm just glad Lynch is back in the game.


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