Friday, March 12, 2010


I have to apologize as it's been a bit slow around The Stamp this week. I had a couple job interviews for the summer and next fall as well as a test in my Torts class this week and I'm surprised I'm still standing. :)

Luckily, after this brutal week will be Spring Break. Yup, I haven't had a Spring Break in quite a few years. No, I don't have any big plans as my wife, Aubrey, still has to work, but I'm looking forward to doing a bit of relaxing, some reading, and catching up on all my classes not to mention finally starting my 20 page Appellate Brief. :)

Over the last little bit, I have had some time to read, so you can expect a couple reviews over the next bit including the following:

  • The Way of Shadows (2008) [US] [UK] by Brent Weeks
  • Shadow's Edge (2008) [US] [UK] by Brent Weeks
  • The Gunslinger (1982) [US] [UK] by Steven King
I just started Beyond the Shadows, the final installment in The Night Angel trilogy, I have A Betrayal in Winter by Daniel Abraham on hand, and Reaper's Gale by Steven Erikson has been eyeing me lately as well (although it's a daunting 1260 pages).

So, who's excited?


  1. I am hoping you enjoy The Way of Shadows. I have the first book on my shelf to read. I have heard many great things on the trilogy.

    Hope you have a great week off. Hope Aubrey is doing well too!

  2. The Night Angel trilogy is really good, it's a bit more gritty than I thought it would be just to warn you.

    Thanks, I'm excited and Aubrey's and baby are doing well, thanks for asking. We just started feeling some kicks, which is great for me, but doesn't let Aubrey sleep. :)


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