Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Classic Covers - Glory Road by Robert Heinlein

This has to be one of the funkiest covers I've ever seen. I actually own this version, picked it up at a used bookstore. This is Heinlein's classic fantasy and although I loved Starship Troopers, I had a really hard time with Glory Road. I actually gave up about halfway through although I think I'll try it again someday. Not that it was bad, just really odd. I don't think I was ready for it.

Any thoughts on this cover?


  1. I get bored by Heinlein. The giant looks sort of funny on this cover.

  2. @WonderBunny - The giant's hilarious. :) I'm torn with Heinlein, but I think I just need to read more because the only one I've finished is Starship Troopers, which I loved.


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