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StampReview | Godslayer

This is an older review that I found out was posted and then un-posted for some reason. Hence the old comments. I thought I'd resurrect it. This just took me back a couple years.

What an amazing conclusion to a great series. I really don't know why I'm even writing a review, if you liked the first, you'll have to continue with this whether I say so or not. But definitely do so.

In some of the interviews I read of Jacqueline Carey on The Sundering series, she always mentions that it is a tragedy, so I don't feel too bad letting you know that she is correct. No matter how much I wanted it to be different, it was so. But, that only makes the amazingly well-crafted characters that much more endearing. Watch out for spoilers below if you haven't read the first volume.

Second and Final volume of The Sundering
mmpb - 404 pages

As we found out at the end of Banewreaker, the ruse failed and even the dragon, Calandor, died defending Beshtanag while Lilias, the sorceress, is imprisoned. The forces of Darkhaven head home and Haomane's allies rally the forces of the West and prepare for war. The prophecy is on its way to fulfillment and still Satoris, third-born of the Shapers, refuses to become what the forces of "good" believe him to be and kill Cerelinde to end the prophecy once and for all.

There is such a struggle when reading Godslayer. The juxtaposition of the two forces is shown beautifully as Satoris refuses to kill Cerelinde to prevent the prophecy while at the same time Haomane's allies refuse to kill Lilias to allow Aracus Altorus to use the Soumanie. Each side does everything they can to keep from stooping to the other's level. Again, things are grey throughout this book and wonderfully done.

Who should read this? Like Banewreaker, be ready for lyrical prose and a wonderfully realized world with amazing characters you can't help but love. Read this if you're ready to break the mold, yet don't want to stray too far. This is a great story you'll be sure to be thinking about for days after.

4/5 Stars for Godslayer
4/5 Stars for the cover art



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