Monday, April 9, 2012

Updated Lists

I just updated my series "In Progress" and "Series Finished" lists, which you can find above, just under the Header image. The "In Progress" list is all the series I'm currently in the middle of reading. The "Series Finished" list is all the series I've read (at least that I can think of) and I've also included a general rating for the series. Through this process, I've found out a couple things about myself:
  1. I have no problem starting series. (Look at the pretty ARCs)
  2. I DO have a problem finishing series.
  3. The series I finish tend to be ones I like or really like, I don't tend to continue with a series (let alone finish) if I don't like a book. 
  4. I'm not a completist.
  5. In making the "Series Finished" list I kept thinking, what about this series...oh yeah...haven't finished that one yet, it's on the other list. That can't be good.
  6. I really need to start finishing some series.
Considering the above, you'll have a hard time finding a poor rating for any of the series listed on the Finished list. It's probably not the most helpful list, but at least there's a bit of a gradient between 3 and 5 stars. That may help a little. :)

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