Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm Reading - August 4-10

Again, not a good week for reading. I DID, however, finish a big test which I don't have to study for anymore (until I find out I have to retake it - DOH). But, the family and I did get to spend the day in Hollywood, going to Madame Trussaud's Wax Museum, seeing the stars on the walk of fame, going to Grauman's theater, etc. Saturday, we went to the beach and Monday the Dodgers game against the Phillies.

See, I told you I'm busy. :)

Reading Progress:

Gears of War: Coalition's End by Karen Traviss -->; 244 pages in out of 443 (Some progress - 82 pages. It's not as much action-packed as I thought - I was thinking Warhammer and it's just not. I'm still enjoying it and getting more and more hooked.)

RuneScape: Betrayal at Falador by T.S. Church -->; 180 pages in out of 497 (Barely any progress - 18 pages. It's a very light read. Fun, but a bit too obvious.)

Demon Squad: Resurrection by Tim Marquitz -->; 50 pages in out of 173 (No progress. I just need more time. Anyone have any to spare?)

The Fires of Heaven (WoT 5) by Robert Jordan -->; 27 out of 30 CD's in (Some progress - 3 CD's. I'm getting excited to start reading this series again instead of listening. That happens right after I'm done with this book.)

Hope you're having a great week. Reading anything good I should know about?


  1. Resurrection should have you zooming through it whenever you get the time to read, btw its good that "At The Gates" the 3rd book will be releasing in December[this will be clear after you finish it ;)].


  2. That's so good to hear. I've officially decided that Demon Squad is better than the Dresden Files. More people really need to read this series. It's amazing.

  3. Sounds like a busy week. I think I need to have a few books on the go to make my TBR pile go down a little bit. Could be an idea :)

  4. I'm getting Resurrection soon, so i'll read it ASAP.

    I don't know how you guys find time to re-read stuff, particularly a series as long as WOT.

  5. @Jamie - I don't know if it helps or hurts because everything starts to drag when you start too many.

    @Bastard - It's only through audiobook. Otherwise I woulda just looks at the Tor reread. :)

  6. If you keep up at this pace, you'll finish WOT right in time for AMOL, the last book. I've reread that thing about 6 times now, and it's so worthwhile.

  7. @Bob - Definitely. I'm about a quarter of the way through Lord of Chaos right now and hopefully will stay on track till Sanderson's done.


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