Monday, April 18, 2011

Reviews - Tigana and The Passage

I combined two reviews into one, Tigana and The Passage. I just didn't have enough time to review them a couple months ago and now it's just been too long.


  1. Tigana's a funny one. I read it. Hated it. Gave it ten years. Read it again. Hated it again. :) But it seems really polarizing like that - which, in all fairness, is probably a sign of it being a good book rather than a bad one. Either way, I'm not a fan, but totally appreciate that a lot of people loved it like you did!

  2. It's amazing how books can do that. I also consider Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell to be one of my all time favorite books (another polarizer). I will definitely be reading more Kay in the future.


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