Thursday, July 29, 2010

The "To-Read" Pile at a Glance

I saw this on Edi's Book Lighthouse and thought it was a great idea. He put up pictures of the next books he plans on reading so I figured I'd do the same. The only difference is that he will actually finish his books and some whim will have me reading something completely different.

I really wish I had his dedication. :)

Anyway, the plan for the next month or so is to either finish or continue some of the series' I've been working through. All but two of the books pictured below are either the next book in the series I need to read or the end of a series.

Part 1 (from left to right): An Autumn War and The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham, The Machinery of Light by David J. Williams, and Return of the Crimson Guard by Ian C. Esslemont

Yes, I'm finally planning on finishing The Long Price Quartet. I wouldn't blame you if you thought I forgot, but I finally found a copy of The Price of Spring and didn't want to continue without it.

Part 2 (from left to right): CassaStar by Alex J. Cavanaugh, Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch, The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King, and Flight to the Savage Empire by Jean Lorrah and Winston A. Howlett

That last one you'll find out more about soon; at least as to why I'm reading it.

The beautiful background color in the pictures is courtesy of my wonderful law library desk. Just love the color choices.


  1. Hey,

    Tell ME about that last one. =D

  2. Seak,
    life is different with a baby. But I'm sure you will find some time to read - maybe not that much as you have had before.

    Peter William,
    you should have a look at The Official Website for the Savage Empire series

  3. ediFanoB,

    I checked it out and clicked the 'Publishing History' page. The first five books (7 total) have been re-published in a 2-volume omnibus edition (2004, for both). Funny to see that the first two books were originally published by Playboy Paperbacks. That is some serious Super-Cheese!

  4. I just liked the perty rainbow. :)

  5. My TBR pile is just insane at the moment. I polished off The Books of the South today and will get into Tarzan of the Apes over the weekend, then it's back to the Black Company.

  6. Seak, I'll be interested to hear what you think about The Drawing of the Three. It is my favorite Dark Tower book so far, (I've read four of 'em).

  7. @Elfy - I own the first book of the Black Company and I really need to get around to it. Yes, the TBR is just crazy. I'm starting to think I'll actually never get to some of them.

    @Ryan - That's what I keep hearing and I'm sure it will live up. Is it true they get a bit more rambly the further into the series you get?

  8. There's a review of the first three books of The Black Company (it was in omnibus form) over at my blog. If you like Joe Abercrombie, then it's a pretty safe bet to assume you'd enjoy Glen Cook, I'd be surprised if he wasn't a major influence on Abercrombie and Steven Erikson also sites him as an influence, not having yet gotten around to reading Malazan I can't comment there.

  9. Seak, yeah, they get a bit rambly, the fourth one in particular...just reviewed it at Battle Hymns. Still good stuff though. Don't lose heart.

  10. @Elfy - Awesome reviews. Thanks for that info. Cook's now moving that much further up the TBR.

    @Ryan - Thanks for reviews, really good work there. I'm dying to read more, I don't know why I keep putting more and more on my plate. I hear the very end of the series is pretty cool/interesting. Hopefully I'll get there. I've read Erikson and Jordan, so I should be fine on the rambling right? :)


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