Sunday, June 20, 2010

Updates and Giveaway This Week

Sorry about the lack of posting in the last week, but on a positive note, baby's room is almost ready. We put together two dressers, which took way longer than expected, put together a crib, washed baby's clothes and sorted them, also taking longer than expected. There's still more to do, but at least the big things are out of the way.

Due date's July 15, so he could really come at any time.

We've found out that "Lee" is actually quite a difficult last name to match first names with. We both liked "Will", but shortly found out that's just asking for fun nicknames.

I've always been fond of "Ug", but that's really just for jokes.

Not that we've found the perfect name yet, but we both don't dislike "Dylan" and so far it's the front-runner. Suggestions are welcome, although I make not promises.

Now here's a crappy version of the SNL clip I always think of when considering baby names:

Sorry about the quality, but I couldn't find a good version anywhere.

On more important news (well, for a book blog), I'll be hosting a Giveaway! this week, so get excited...can't you be more excited than that? Okay, that works, thanks.

I have to warn you, it's not a book, but it happens to be one of my favorite things to do, so I thought I'd share it with everyone on the blog.


  1. I would go with either Dirk, or Colin. Both go well with a surname of Lee.

  2. I have an Uncle Dirk, so that's ruled out, but I'm really likin' Colin. Thanks! ...and keep 'em comin'.

  3. Good luck with the name search.I really like the name Dylan. I also like the names David, Daniel and Jonathan, in fact I've even used them all for my kids ;)

  4. Good luck to you both. :) It seems there are always things to be done to get ready. So as long as you have the crib up and a place for clothes and some washed, you should be good to go. You will always have many things you want to be done with. But you will always get through with them.

    I like the name Dylan too. Dylan Lee sounds nice together. I was particial to Mason when I had my son, but never got to use it. :) When you see him a name will fit for you. Always go in with a list and see which one fits him when you meet him. :)

  5. First of all good luck to you both. Name search is a difficult thing. When my wife and had to search for our daughter (we did not know the gender before birth) we finally made following decision: I searched for a girl name and my wife for a boy name. I won :)) I chose the name Fiona and my daughter - now 18 years old - is quite happy with that name.

    When I hear or read the name Lee I always think of General Lee. His first name was Robert. Ever thought about that?

  6. @Simcha - I'm a fan of David, Daniel and Jonathan. Good choices and going on the list. :)

    @Melissa - I have a good friend named Mason and I didn't even think of that one. Thanks.

    @Edi - Fiona is a good call. I think I'll throw that on the girl names list.

    Robert is actually a big name in my family (and Aubrey's). It's my middle name, my dad's name, my uncle's name, Aubrey's grandfather's name, Aubrey's uncle, and Aubrey's dad's name.

    We're almost positive Robert will at least be the middle name, so good choice. :D

  7. We just had a son on May 9, and we wanted a non-traditional name. He is Sylvan. I think that Sylvan Lee sounds good. :)


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