Thursday, November 19, 2009

Milhouse is jumping off a cliff?

I know there are plenty of Fantasy and Science Fiction blogs out there and most are probably much better than mine will ever be, but because it is such a passion of mine, I figured why not?

When I go on a blog visiting spree, I tend to look at 10 to 15 blogs, of which maybe half (on a good day) will have new information or posts. And then I actually have to get back to work. Well, I thought to myself, why not begin my own blog, satisfying my urge to waste more time while at the same time giving others one more thing to check if they so desire.

One more reason for starting this blog would be for my own personal history (dare I say journal) of what I have read. I got to thinking the other day that I tend to forget so much of what I've read in the past, so why do I continue. Obviously, first would be for sheer enjoyment of a good story, reading, resting, etc. Second, I'm a fan of discussions and recommendations. I might not be able to remember everything about a story, but I can definitely remember how much I liked a book and I can recommend it to someone. So, in a purely selfish way, this blog is for me to record what I've read in a format that allows me to remember the finer points of my reading experience.


  1. Wohoo! One more thing to check! I like your rating system so far: I wasn't a fan of The Historian either (which I'm pretty sure we talked about that once). Although I might not be smart enough to read your blog...I didn't recognize most of the other books on your rating system.

  2. I am definitely more on the speculative fiction (fantasy/sci-fi) side of reading. There's just something to it that speaks to me. :) It probably is the same reason why I like Killer Bunnies.

  3. Sweet! You're going up over at U-A.


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